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We are the worldwide sole manufacturer of lifelike fractures in cadaveric specimens with intact soft tissue.



Our focus is to generate fractures that resemble real-world clinical cases, and with that to provide surgeons, researchers, and the MedTech industry with high-fidelity training and simulation. We aim to support surgeons to acquire all necessary skills before operating on patients

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We manage specimen logistics from end-to-end: procurement from accredited tissue banks, global freight, and customs, until cremation - services that keep cadaveric specimens in optimum conditions. With the tracing services, we ensure that they arrive on time and safely.

Specimen conditions
It is critical to avoid variabilities during storage and logistics when it comes to biological material. Thanks to our cold chain logistics service we always ensure to deliver your order in the best quality wherever you are.

Our durable packaging system recurrently proved to protect specimens in ideal conditions even during long intercontinental transit.

Our tracking system is at your service to ensure you have your ordered specimen on time and monitor the condition of it on the way.


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Health care professionals
Our 3D bone models are being actively used by surgeons not only to inform patients before surgery about their condition, but also to plan complex surgeries and even using the models during the operation as a guide.

Surgical education courses

3D bone models are also being used by experienced surgeons and surgical education companies as educational material in surgical education courses before surgery as planning material. 

Medical education

Not only professionals are benefitting from our realistic bone models but medical students are effectively using them during lessons in medical faculties in Universities, in surgery kits at home to improve operating skills, training the techniques of what they learned in lessons on the bone and also learning how to use operation tools on our realistic 3D bone models.

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Medical images of healthy or fractured anatomy based on standard technology (CT, MRI, X-ray) or based on special protocols for research or navigation needs.

Additionally, we have an imaging database, which includes different types of realistic fractures; trauma, ortho, sport injury cases,....., from several anatomic regions; CMF, shoulder, hip, knee, spine,... and different imaging protocols and technologies.



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